Vision & Mission Statement

Vision: Greener and ubiquitous power for a better life
Mission: Deliver market-leading analog and power management IC solutions, enabling energy-efficient smart systems globally

Corporate Overview

Halo Microelectronics (SSE: 688173) founded in 2012 develops analog and power management integrated circuits, enabling energy-efficient smart systems, and is committed to providing customers with a full range of analog devices covering diversified applications.

With deep industry experience and unique IPs in the design and manufacturing process technologies, Halo Microelectronics has been driving innovation in Mobile, IoT, and Automotive systems, built high-performance product lines that compete with leading international analog chip manufacturers, and won the trust of many mainstream customers around the globe. We offer state-of-the-art products in their respective application fields, featuring best-in-class dynamic response, high efficiency, low heat generation, low EMI, and small form factor solutions that rival the best in the industry.

Halo Microelectronics’ products are used in various applications, such as mobile, IoT, cloud computing, consumer electronics, and automobile electronics. Our customers include brand-name smartphone makers, independent design houses (IDH), tablet, laptop makers, tier-1 auto-infotainment module makers, EMS manufacturers, etc. Halo Microelectronics offers its products through direct supply or distribution channels.


Consumer Electronics

Halo Microelectronics provides full product portfolios that cover from wall to battery, focusing on AC-DC adapters, battery charging, power management, and USB interface and protection. Our products are used in mobile phones, tablet computers, laptop computers, wearables, IoT, and other Li-ion battery-powered devices.

Halo Microelectronics’ offerings include Li-ion battery fast charging management IC, cap divider fast charging IC, high-performance buck and boost converters, low-Ron high bandwidth protection switches, voltage level shifters, etc.


Halo Microelectronics’ automotive-grade integrated power management ICs power various supply rails for infotainment systems, sensors, and other onboard devices. We have a slew of products in the pipeline, including high-voltage high-performance low Iq pre-boost controller, high-voltage high-side protection switches with accurate current sensing, and high-voltage high PSRR LDOs.

Cloud Computing

Halo Microelectronics offers high-performance high-current DC-DC converters, high integration PMICs, and eFuse/hot-swap ICs used for storage, hot-plug control, and protection and as multiple-purpose POL converters.

Halo Microelectronics’ customer base includes brand-name smartphones, IoT, and computing SoC platform manufacturers. The list also comprises end product ODM/OEMs, automotive tier 1s and OEMs, and data center/server product suppliers. Halo Microelectronics products are sold directly to customers and through distribution channels.


Halo Microelectronics offers a variety of Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) for motor drivers, available in different power outputs, along with AC-DC auxiliary power supply solutions. These IPMs are compatible with different types of motors, including compressors and fan motors, commonly utilized in air conditioning units, servers, electric tools, water heaters, and e-bikes. Halo Microelectronics’ solutions come with fully integrated protection functions, designed to provide the complex demands of customers across various industries, therefore, providing end-to-end solutions to meet their critical needs.