Switched Capacitor Chargers

Halo Microelectronics’ switched capacitor chargers are the best-known solution to charge a battery with 2C-4C in a short time. The dual-phase topology provides the smallest ripple voltage with a high-current charge. The products feature four different operation modes, forward 1:1 (bypass), 2:1 CP, reverse 1:2 CP, and 1:1 (bypass) supporting all application conditions. Halo Microelectronics switched capacitor charger ICs are the best-known technology to charge the batteries safely and fast working with USB PD adapter.

Part No. Cells (#) VIN Min (V) VIN Max (V) VOUT Min (V) VOUT Max (V) VIN AMR (V) IOUT Max (A) Charge VBAT Max (V) Switching Frequency Min (kHz) Switching Frequency Max (kHz) Iq (Typ) (uA) Modes (CP: Charge Pump Mode) Key Features Package