Cap Divider


  • 22V Tolerance input voltage
  • 3V to 12V Operational Input Voltage
  • 5V Max Operational Output Voltage
  • Dual-Phase Switched Capacitor Architecture
    • Optimized for 50% Duty
  • Charge Pump Mode (CP Mode)
    • Continuous 5A Output
    • Available peak 6A Output
  • Bypass Mode (BP)
  • FET for OVP and Regulation
    • Continuous 4.5A Output
  • Regulation loop for charging operation through external NFET control Target Efficiency
    • Battery Voltage Regulation
    • Battery Current Regulation
  • 96.5% Efficiency for 4V/4A Output at CP Mode
  • Selectable switching frequency from 200kHz to 1500kHz
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