Accessories Application-Rx


Accessories Application-Rx: HL6111RFNWP5 - Halo Microelectronics Co.,Ltd. Main Photo
  • Single Chip WPC1.2.4 Wireless Power Receiver for 5W application
  • Integrated Buck Regulator with Fine Vout Steps and High-Efficiency Bypass Mode:
    • Range 1: 4.940-10.040V in 20mV steps
    • Range 2: 3.952 -8 .032V in 16mV steps
  • Very Low Standby Current: 7µA
  • 4-24V Operational Vrect, 28Vmax
  • Integrated Buck with High-efficiency Bypass Mode
  • I2C Interface with SM,FM, FM+ and HS Modes
  • Comprehensive Protection
    • 6-channel ADC for Comprehensive Input and Output Power Monitoring
    • Output Over-Current Protection (OCP)
    • Vrect Over-Voltage Protection(OVP)
    • Over temperature protection (OTP)
  • 5mm x5mmQFN-32