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Halo Microelectronics introduces two new Smaller Footprint and Higher Efficiency fast charging solutions using a switched capacitor architecture for single cell battery applications

June 4, 2020

Halo Microelectronics, a leader in mobile fast charging transformation, further strengthened its leadership by introducing two new products today. The HL7132 is the industry’s smallest footprint 30W fast charger that reduces the solution size by greater than 30% compared to competing solutions. The HL7130 is optimized for greater than 40W charging which makes it an ideal solution for high-end mobile devices with larger batteries.

Adoption of 5G and proliferation of USB type-C connector are two biggest changes happening in the mobile market today. Both of these trends are fueling the adoption and proliferation of fast charging for all segments of mobile devices. Mobile OEM’s are routinely introducing family of products that implements fast charging from 20W to greater than 50W. With the introduction of HL7132 and HL7130, along with previous generation of fast charging solutions, Halo offers the greatest selection of 1-cell and 2-cell fast charging products for size, charging speed and cost optimization to support end product goals.

“We are excited to be introducing the HL7130 and HL7132 family of products today to power the next generation 5G smartphones and tablets,” said David Nam, CEO of Halo Microelectronics. “Fast charging is drastically changing the user experience, and Halo is proud to be the leading innovator in this evolution. With the newest additions, Halo’s portfolio of products is designed to optimally meet the needs of our customer’s multi-tier products strategy with different battery sizes”

Key features and Benefits of HL7132 and HL7130 fast charging solutions

HL7132 6A Switched capacitor 1-cell battery charger

  •  Ideal for 20W~30W USB-C charging application
  •  98% High efficiency dual-phase 2:1
  •  Continuous 6A output
  •  Low shutdown current
  •  Input current, Battery voltage and current regulation for safest charging
  •  Built-in 10-bit ADC to enable optimal charging control

HL7130 8A Switched capacitor 1-cell battery charger

  • Ideal for greater than 40W USB-C charging application
  • Continuous 8A Output charge pump mode & 4.5A bypass mode
  • 22V tolerant input voltage
  • Battery voltage and current regulation loops

For more information about Halo’s fast charging solutions, click here.