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Halo Microelectronics Introduces Two New Fast Charging Solutions Using a Dual-Phase Switched-Capacitor Architecture for Single-Cell Battery Applications

April 19, 2022

CAMPBELL, Calif., Apr. 19, 2022 – Halo Microelectronics (SSE: 688173), a maker of analog and power management integrated circuits enabling energy-efficient smart systems, announced the release of their HL7138 and HL7139, fast charging solution ICs using a dual-phase switched capacitor architecture for single-cell battery applications.

The HL7138 and HL7139 offer the industry’s highest charging efficiencies, which enable faster and cooler battery charging operations in a total PCB solution size that’s up to 30% smaller than the nearest competitor. The smaller total solution size allows for more system-level design flexibility.

The faster-charging solution saves consumers time, and cooler charging means less energy is wasted in the form of heat, which is environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the smaller solution size gives device designers more leeway to choose between thinner and lighter form factors, larger batteries for longer battery life, more features, or lower BOM costs.

“As the smartphone market becomes more saturated, product differentiation has become increasingly important to gaining market share. Fast charging is one of the few features that consumers can directly relate to and understand its benefits. Halo Microelectronics has seen switched capacitor-based fast-charging architectures quickly extend from high-end to mid-level smartphones. Therefore, we will continue to develop, innovate, and lead the ecosystem to stay ahead,” stated David Nam, CEO of Halo Microelectronics.

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Halo Microelectronics develops analog and power management integrated circuits enabling energy-efficient smart systems. Since 2012, Halo Microelectronics has been driving innovation in Mobile, IoT, and Automotive systems. Find out more at https://halomicro.com.

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