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Halo Microelectronics Introduces a New Dual-Phase 30 W Charge Pump Charger with 1:2 Reverse Boost Mode

June 12, 2023

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CAMPBELL, Calif., June 12, 2023 – Halo Microelectronics (SSE: 688173), a maker of analog and power management integrated circuits enabling energy-efficient smart systems, announces the launch of its HL7132D, a dual-phase 30 W charge pump with 1:2 reverse boost mode.

The HL7132D is a low-voltage fast direct charger for 1-cell Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries. The device integrates a dual-phase switched capacitive converter and reverse blocking MOSFET (QRB FET) while achieving over 97 percent efficiency at 4.5 V output, and 4 A current, with one flying capacitor of 1×22µF per phase at FSW = 1.1 MHz.

The HL7132D features two different switching modes—a 2:1 charge pump mode that allows the output voltage (VOUT) to be around half of the input voltage (VIN), and the output current to be doubled the input current and a 1:2 reverse charge pump mode that allows a voltage at VIN double the VOUT voltage.

Furthermore, the device provides constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) regulations through controlling QBR FET for safe charging operation in a 2:1 charge pump mode. The CC regulation is closely monitored through a close loop of the input current sensing or battery current sensing and the CV regulation is controlled through a close loop of the battery voltage sensing. To further enhance safety, the device is equipped with a thermal regulation loop that kicks in if the CC/CV loop results in overheating during the operation in 2:1 charge pump mode.

The HL7132D is available in a 2.95 mm x 2.6 mm, 42-bump WLCSP, and is ideal for smartphones, tablet computing, and IoT devices.

“The HL7132D is posed to become yet another cutting-edge addition to our extensive family of dual-phase charge pumps,” said David Nam, CEO of Halo Microelectronics. “Offering both a 2:1 charge pump and a 1:2 reverse charge pump, along with a comprehensive range of safety features, Halo Microelectronics is dedicated to pursuing the boundaries of innovation and revolutionizing the consumer electronics and IoT industry.”


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