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Halo Micro is leading mobile fast charging transformation

January 7, 2020

Today Halo Microelectronics announced two new products that utilize switched capacitor architecture to deliver 98% efficiency DC-DC conversion, which outperforms traditional DC-DC converters by up to 10% in efficiency.  This higher efficiency significantly reduces the thermal dissipation in mobile devices such as smartphones, thus enabling more power to be delivered to the battery and resulting in a faster charging speed.  With the advent of 5G technology, and the increasing demand for rich content delivery, the battery capacity of smartphones will continue to increase, and faster charging will become an increasingly important feature for enhanced user experience. Halo Micro is at the forefront of this transformation happening in the mobile industry.  Halo’s market leading products will deliver 2x to 5x faster wireless and wired charging experiences in comparison to previous solutions.

“We are excited to be introducing the HL7221 and HL7225 family of products today. With our solution, Halo is enabling charging speed that was unimaginable for mobile phones in the past,” said David Nam, CEO of Halo Micro.  “With close collaboration with leading mobile OEM’s and battery manufacturers, Halo is poised to deliver a safe and seamless fast charging experience for consumers to enhance their ever-increasing dependency on mobile devices”

Key features and Benefits of HL7221 and HL7225 fast charging solution

HL7221 20W 98% efficiency 2:1 DC-DC converter

  • Ideal for greater than 20W fast wireless charging application
  • 20V max operational Input voltage
  • 98% efficiency for 20W output
  • Programmable protection feature

HL7225 30W 98% efficiency 2:1 direct charger

  • Ideal for greater than 30W fast USB charging application
  • 98% efficiency for 30W output
  • Dual input for USB charging and wireless charging input
  • Fast response LDO for CV and CC mode
  • Input and Output Voltage and Current protection for safe charging
  • Compact 7.5mm2  WLCSP Package

For more information about Halo’s fast charging solutions, click here.

Please come visit us at the Westgate Hotel  Suite 5100 in the North Tower, during CES from Jan 7 through Jan 10.  For meeting arrangements, please contact jacky.yan@halomicro.com.

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Halo Microelectronics develops analog and power management integrated circuits enabling energy efficient smart systems.  Halo Microlectronics has been driving innovation in mobile, IoT and automotive systems, since 2012. Find out more at halomicro.com