Electrification in the automotive industry is changing the semiconductor IC landscape at an unprecedented pace. At Halo Microelectronics, we are committed to research and development and providing robust and high-quality automotive grade (AECQ-100 qualified) products. Our automotive products range from DC-DC converters and LDOs to Protection Switches suited for infotainment, and instrument clusters.

Consumer Electronics

Today’s electronics, such as smartphones and tablets are powered by lithium batteries, and charging these billions of batteries around the clock has a significant energy footprint and impact on the environment. Smartphones, for example, can become warm, even unbearably hot when being charged, which leads to wasted energy when converting from the voltage of the power source to the operating voltage. Wasted energy also means it takes longer to charge the batteries, while consumers are constantly demanding longer battery life and faster charging times. At Halo Microelectronics, we offer a wide range of end-to-end, high-efficiency fast battery charging solutions. With charging protocols such as USB PD, UFCS, VOOC, and SCP, Halo Microelectronics’ full-fledged battery charger product line supports all major protocols and leads the industry in achieving the highest efficiency. Our high-performance DC-DC converters feature excellent transient responses to provide the most stable DC supply, ultra-low quiescent current to minimize leakage; high switching frequency to reduce the size of external components; and innovative circuit topologies designed to minimize external component count.


Halo Microelectronics provides a wide range of products ranging from DC-DC converters, lithium battery chargers, and USB interface and protection solutions used in smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, potables, and everyday IoT and consumer electronics applications. If you’re looking for products that best fit your applications and/or reference designs, please let us know. Our comprehensive portfolio of battery charging solutions, low-power ICs, and USB port protection, to name a few, will offer customers industry-leading power management performance, feature differentiations, and design flexibilities second to none.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the now and the future of enterprise applications and solutions. Cloud technology is adopted and used by companies to scale and accelerate innovation, drive business, and streamline operations while reducing costs. It is also directly affecting and improving our day-to-day lives. At Halo Microelectronics, we are committed to developing high-performance products to make cloud computing more efficient and reliable. Our high-performance, high-current DC-DC converters, eFuse/hot-swap, and protection solutions keep overall system costs low and improve system efficiency and reliability.