900mA Li-Ion Battery Switching Charger, Dual Channel Input, Integrated Boost SOC

HL7090 - Halo Microelectronics

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The HL7090 is a compact, flexible, high-efficiency, USB compliant switch-mode charge management device for single cell Li-ion and Li-polymer battery used in the applications of ear pods and e-cigarettes. The charge parameters can be programmed through I2C interface (HL7090FN03 version). The HL7090 integrates a synchronous PWM controller, power MOSFET, input current sensing, high-accuracy current and voltage regulation, and charge termination function into a tiny into a tiny TSLP package.

The HL7090 provides a complete automatic three-phase battery charging control including trickle charge, constant current charge (CC), and constant voltage charge (CV) until the battery reaches the charge termination voltage. The input current is automatically limited to the value set by the host. Charging is terminated based on battery voltage and a minimum current level selected by user. A safety timer with reset control provides a safety backup for I2C interface. During normal operation, the IC automatically restarts the charge
cycle if the battery voltage falls below an internal threshold and automatically enters a sleep mode or a high impedance mode when the input supply is not correctly connected. The charge status can be reported to the host through the I2C interface.

During the charging process, the IC monitors its programmed junction temperature (TJ) and reduces the charge current once TJ hits the programmed temperature. To supply power for system load, HL7090 can boost the battery voltage to a programmed voltage at PMID.

HL7090 is available in a 20-pin TSLP package.


  • Fully automatic and efficient charge management for lithium battery
    • Automatic conditioning, CC/CV charge control, termination, and recharge
    • Programmable charge current using an external resistor and 68mΩ sensing resistor
    • 1.5MHz Synchronous PWM, 4.7µH low profile inductor
    • Charge current regulation accuracy: ±5%
    • Charge voltage regulation accuracy:
      • ±0.3% (TJ=25°C),
      • ±1% (TJ=0°C to 85°C),
      • ±2% (TJ=0°C to 125°C)
    • 10V Input voltage AMR, 6V max operating voltage
    • Input voltage based dynamic power management (VIN DPM)
    • Power up without battery
  • Automatic adapter fault detection
  • High impedance mode (low power mode) with low power consumption
  • Integrated power MOSFET with max 900mA charge current
  • Automatic charge and USB compliant start sequence
  • Comprehensive protections
    • Reverse battery leakage protection
    • Thermal regulation and shutdown
    • Input & output over-voltage protection
    • PMID short protection
  • Integrated boost
    • Input voltage range from battery 2.5-4.5V
    • 5.0V/ 300mA (VICSN ≥ 3.4V) for HL7090FN01
    • 4.7V – 5.4V/300mA for HL7090FN03
    • 2A Output current limit
    • OTP selectable VOUT target for HL7090FN01
  • Two load switches with max 250mA current limit and auto load detection
  • Battery temperature sensing in charging and boost
  • Full range programmable charge parameter through I2C compatible interface (HL7090FN03)
  • Autonomous battery charging with or without host management
    • Battery charge enable/disable
    • Battery charge preconditioning
    • Charge termination and recharge
  • 3mm x 3mm TSLP-20 package

For more information or a full datasheet request, please contact the factory at sales@halomicro.com.